The Hunt for a Cooking Torch

Despite searching high and low, I have not been able to find a good s’more cupcake in Seattle.  I bring a few back from my favorite bakery every time I visit the Bay Area, but cupcakes are not the most ideal travel companion and I do not make it back there more than once or twice a year.  Not ready to go without these cupcakes, I decided the best option was to master them myself.  The making of the batter and baking went off without a hitch, but I could not finish the frosting because I needed a cooking torch to toast the top.

While I know that this may not be the most common cooking tool, I did not expect it to be that hard to find.  After striking out at a few places, I finally found one at Bed, Bath, and Beyond.  Even though the store has several different options for most items, there was only one cooking torch.  I guess that the one option made it easier to make a decision, but I would have liked to have some different options to choose from.  Even after the purchase, I have looked for a torch at a couple of kitchen specialty shops.  At all of these locations, there was also just one option available.  If I did not want the item immediately, I believe it would have been better to purchase the item online so that there were options available and some customer reviews.

The cooking torch was $30 dollars in store, which did not seem unreasonable.  If I could ever actually locate one of those BBB coupons that come in the mail all the time, it would have been closer to the $25 that it is listed at online.  The kicker was that you also have to buy the fuel. Once again, there was only one option for fuel and a small bottle was $10.  As a first time user of the torch, I wasted a lot of fuel trying to transfer it into the torch.  I would have preferred to pay for the torch and fuel as a package because it would ensure that the two were compatible and reduced the amount of fuel lost.  If fuel loss is just a part of the game, then I think it would be better to purchase it in multiple packs, which are available at a much lower cost online.  In the end, saving time outweighed lower costs, but it certainly would have been nice to have both.


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