Toddler Shoe Sizing

I have a 2 year old son named Ben.  Over that past week, Ben has been saying the word “tight” because his size 5 (toddler) shoes are too small.  To remedy the issue, we went this morning to get Ben some new shoes.  We went to Nordstrom in Bellevue because I needed to get Ben’s updated shoe size and my wife and I like Nordstrom’s return policy.  I also had to be aware that I was flying solo on this fashion mission with a high likelihood that my wife would return whatever I chose anyway……

I ended up paying ~$40 for a pair of retro-grey New Balance shoes in size 6.5.  It was helpful to go to Nordstrom so we could try on lots of different brands and gauge comfort.  This was important because Ben previously had a pair of Keens, but the soles were so stiff he didn’t get a lot of flexibility in learning to run.  I could also zero in on sizing and found that NB sells ½ sizes for shoes, something many other toddler shoe manufacturers do not.  We also got the shoes immediately, not having to wait for an online retailer to ship.  Overall, happy with the purchase.

That said, I would have rather bought the shoes online where one isn’t subject to inventory constraints and availed to better price potential.  My only concern was sizing – I would have loved to have known exactly what Ben’s size was in inches/centimeters (as opposed to the arbitrary shoe size measurement) to enable the online purchase….and really trust that size.  In getting home and doing a little online research this evening, I found that has a sizing chart with these measurements included.  My goal now is to measure Ben’s foot and confirm he’s a 6.5 on the Zappos chart.  I can then buy toddler shoes online in the future with confidence in the shoe size relative to Ben’s foot size.


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