Track your favorite artists and buy show tickets on Bandsintown

I am a super fan of all kinds of music concerts. Since I came to the U.S., it’s easier for me to see my favorite artists’ live show. I followed these artists on my facebook and went to check their tour dates from time to time. It took me much time ( because I followed many producers and bands) and sometimes I will forget to check.
Last July, when I clicked my favorite DJ’s page to check if he would announce a show in Seattle. Bandsintown appeared on his page and reminded me to track this producer. I was still not sure what is ‘track the artist’ until I clicked and signed for this app. 
Bandsintown is an app which can connect to your facebook  to get information about your favorite artists and track their shows and concerts. Once your tracked artist has opened a show in your target city, Bandsintown will remind you and provide the channel to buy tickets. To enjoy the service, you need to sign up either directly from the app or through your facebook account. The service is free.
While I would have preferred to set up reminders for myself to check the updates of the artists in order not to leave anything. However, Bandsintown gets rid of the trouble. You can change the city to see your favorite artists’ shows in Las Vegas, New York, Los Angeles or Seattle. 

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