Travel deals through Groupon

Recently, I was looking for getting some discounts on hotels in Las Vegas. In past I have found such deals by searching for them using generic search engines or through aggregation sites like or This time I decided to try out Groupon and hence looked it up. Groupon offers hotel and travel deals under a nicely segmented section called Getaways and the offers available have discounts of about 40 to 50%. Groupon also provided nice above the fold and below the fold segmentation of information, with the below the fold text explaining clearly what was available. Groupon also offered a guarantee to refund the money.

Overall Groupon provided a little better experience than say because it clearly called out the terms and conditions of usage with the blocked out dates in the deal. In case of other websites you need to input the dates before finding out that the nice rates show on the main page are not applicable and you will have to end up paying much higher rates for the dates you selected. I personally found the Groupon deal much easier to find and understand and it could be a good asset if you are trying to find a deal in a hurry.

The deal being offered was a $239 value to check in to a hotel along with 2 tickets to Cirque De Sole show and was being offered at a discount of 47%. Although Kayak was able to find a much cheaper deal on the hotel it probably would not come out cheaper with the shows. Depending on a customer’s preference whether to want a show or not the Groupon deal could be a good offer. At the end I did end up purchasing the deal. I believe it was a good value for money.


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