Amazon Prime

Online purchasing is rarely my first choice since I don’t trust pictures compared to entities. Besides, I don’t enjoy the anxiety resulting from waiting for purchases. But things like books, electric appliances shows no difference either in pictures or online. Since I registered for Amazon Prime on a discount price of  $39/year (regular price is $ 79/year), I purchase things on more often. 


You can find lots of great deals on and prime membership can offer you even better deal. The latest two purchases I did are Portable Electric Space Heater and Cost-Benefit Analysis Books. I bought the Portable Electric Space Heater at the prime price of $34.99 compared to the regular price of  $69.95. The prime price of the book is $ 90 while the original price is $144.35. Thanks to the prime membership, I enjoy a 62% discount on the textbook. The other reason Amazon Prime brings me to online purchasing is that I can get my purchases within 2 days with free shipping fee. Before owning Amazon Prime, I remember that the textbook I bought with $7 shipping fee arrive my apartment about 10 days after my purchasing. After that, I’d rather buy textbook in Book Store at higher cost.


The Amazon Prime makes online purchasing more convenience, time saving. I enjoy the faster delivery and lower price brought by the Amazon Prime Membership. Just the purchasing of the Cost-benefit analysis textbook, which saving me $54.55 breakeven the amount I paid for the amazon prime. 


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