American Air Flight Upgrade

I have a need to go to New York City in late March for a conference as part of a transition from school to the professional world.  I picked out the flight I wanted, and I usually fly American because I have an established frequent flyer account with that airline.  I have been watching the flight price for a week, while waiting for funding to book the ticket.  I don’t normally buy any of the upgrades, but for this particular flight, I was looking at an upgrade from the base price of $384 to about $465 for more miles, round-trip checked baggage, no change fee, and a few other things.  

I also planned to buy from the American website, as all the travel website redirect you there anyway to purchase.  My funding came through last Tuesday, so I proceeded to the American Air website to buy my ticket.  I discovered that while the base price of the ticket ($384) had not changed since the previous day, the upgraded price I wanted, had.  It had changed to $540.  

As a loyal American customer, I decided to call the 800 line to ask for the lower price.  When I reached someone, I was told that there was not a way to change the cost.  As a result, I ended up buying the ticket for the base price without any upgrades at all from the website.  

From a pricing standpoint, I was willing to pay $80 for the upgrades, but when the price for the upgrades became $156, I lost complete interest.  I didn’t have a preference where I bought the ticket, but I did have a limit of what I was willing to pay for the upgrade.


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