I needed to urgently renew my expired passport for travel purposes. My headache was getting the signatures of my family to validate the form. My relatives live halfway across the Atlantic and I urgently needed 2 signatures before my application could be processed here in the US.

FedEx could not do the trick due to time constraints so I took to the internet to look for alternatives. RightSignature and Docusign came up as the top 2 competing services to solve my problem. They allow users to securely send and sign electronic documents. After visiting their respective websites, reading independent reviews, I signed up for the RightSignature free trial.

I chose this service because it addressed my concerns about security, ease of set up and whether the signatures were legally binding. In less than 5 minutes, I completed the sign up and sent the forms to the recipients. I appreciated the convenience of the service and will definitely use right signature whenever there is a need to.

The company has pricing plans for 3 main segments; personal, small businesses and enterprises but it actively encourages free trials. By allowing free trials for 5 documents, prospective customers are able to try the new service without any obligation and are easily converted to paid customers as they continue to use the service. They are also very prominent in search results for electronic signatures and have very well-crafted sponsored listings.  Based on my experience with RightSignature, they are doing a good job with their marketing and I will recommend their services.


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