Amazon – Valentine’s Day Shopping

While trying to decide what to give my girlfriend for Valentine’s Day, I noticed that my girlfriend’s perfume was low and decided to include that in the gift giving. While there are many options for purchasing a relatively ubiquitous consumer item such as perfume, my first avenue for research and purchasing is typically online. As an Amazon Prime member, Amazon has become my first stop for most purchases. Conveniently, Amazon had the perfume which relieved me of having to search for it elsewhere online or even the inconceivable notion of having to go to a brick and mortar store.

To be perfectly honest, I had little context in terms of cost with which to judge the price listed on Amazon. I ended up paying $50.99 for the perfume and utilized my student Prime membership ($39 for the year) to get it shipped to my door.  As a transaction, this purchase was about as flawless as I could hope for. It was convenient, quick, and at a price point with which I was comfortable. Most importantly, it relieved me from having to spend an hour or more to drive to a mall and purchase a single item.  The only drawback was having to wait for the item to arrive. Fortunately, just this once I was proactive enough to order the gift far enough in advance that it arrived well in advance of Valentine’s Day.


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