Zappos: Shopping Made Easy

Recently, I decided it was time for a new pair of jeans but due to work and school I knew I didn’t have the time to wander around the mall. I just needed a quick and easy purchase. Therefore, I turned to my reliable shopping partner, Zappos. Jeans shopping can be a hassle anywhere but knowing I could easily return any unwanted pairs at no additional cost made this a risk-free shopping experience.

I logged onto the site and quickly narrowed my search down to a brand that I know fits me. I selected two pairs and proceeded to check out. Being a loyal Zappos customer, I’ve obtained VIP status which made check out a snap. All of my information was saved and I got the added benefit of free 1-day shipping. Additionally, one of the pairs was on sale- score! In total, it took me about 15 minutes to buy the jeans. They were shipped out the next day and delivered to my door the day after.

When I opened the box, however, I was disappointed to learn that one of the styles I ordered wasn’t included. Instead, another style had been shipped incorrectly. I called Zappos to inquire about returning the erroneous pair and was shocked when the customer service representative told me that I could keep them. She apologized for their mistake and said she didn’t want to inconvenience me by having to send them back. She also put in a new request to have the correct jeans sent out immediately. In the end, I got a free $100 pair of jeans, along with the two pairs I ordered, and Zappos got an extremely happy customer. I doubt a trip to the mall would have ended as positively.


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