LivingSocial – Jamba Juice Deal

I recently bought a livingsocial deal online to spend $6 and get $12 worth of Jamba Juice (i.e, two original smoothies) the next time I visit a Jamba Juice store. This was a part of a regular series of emails that LivingSocial sends out on a variety of deals in the greater Seattle area. I usually ignore most of daily emails I receive from LivingSocial, but being a Jamba Juice fan, I thought this was a great deal.  I normally spend $4-$5 on smoothie drinks at Jamba Juice anyway, so receiving double the amount of smoothies for approximately the same price was something I was very willing to pay.  This deal was readily was available for purchase on the living social website ( for a limited amount of time and was limited to 1 deal per customer.

Though this was a decent deal, it would’ve been more convenient Jamba Juice had offered this promotion in store rather than having customers purchase and print out a coupon to redeem it. However, I understand that the advantage of using livingsocial is that it’s easier for customers to learn more about the deal (more effective marketing) and the limited time offer stimulates impulse buyers that would’ve otherwise not made a purchase.  It was also no trouble to redeem this deal online and probably wouldn’t have known about it if I didn’t see the email.


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