Medicine/Stability Ball

Last week I wanted to purchase a stability ball for workout and I wanted it as early as possible. I started looking for it online.  A lot of options were available to me on Amazon but I wasn’t sure what specific attributes I had to look for before buying. I also looked for deals on Living Social but in vain. The ball was available in three different sizes and I wasn’t sure what I had to buy. So I decided to visit a store in University District to get more details. On entering the store, I found more options and also the price points were much higher but I got a chance to see and feel the product. Once I had decided on what size to buy, I looked up the price of the same product on Amazon and it was available cheaper – about $10 lower.  Price points ranged from $30 to $2.  I decided not to go for the $2 since I wasn’t sure about the quality. Finally settled for something for $14. I read various customer reviews before making my decision. I wanted it as soon as possible hence badgered a friend to order it online through Amazon Prime. I would have preferred to get some better deals/ options on the purchase and I could have probably checked for options on other websites.


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