Best Caramel Popcorn Ever!

Last week I bought G.H. Cretor’s Caramel Popcorn after having tried it at work (a team member brought some in to share).  I wanted to buy this item off of Amazon since that is my go-to destination for any specialty item which would otherwise require a lot of searching in physical stores. Among online stores Amazon tends to offer better pricing and with free 2-day shipping the experience is often better than other online competitors as well. I ended up buying the item off of Amazon as  a “Pack of 12” for $30ish. Since I am an Amazon Prime member I was able to get the popcorn with free 2-day shipping. Although the experience was smooth, I would’ve preferred a smaller amount (perhaps a single bag?) rather than buying a pack of 12. This appears to be a common limitation with items on Amazon due to shipping costs, smaller/cheaper items are often only available in bundles. Recently this has started to change and more items are available individually, but they are classified as “Add On” items which require a minimum purchase to get the free 2-day shipping which is still not the ideal experience I would’ve wanted.


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