FitBit Force

I recently purchased a FitBit Force for my wife for Valentine’s Day. She had mentioned that she wanted a FitBit fitness band a few weeks ago, in order to track daily calories burned and steps walked. Reviewing all the fitness bands on the market, the FitBit Force was the highest reviewed on a particular website blog that I read (the name eludes me). What influenced me about the blog, the writer spoke candidly and descriptively about the features and appeal of the product.

Once I decided on the FitBit Force, I immediately looked on Amazon to find, as I am an avid Prime shopper. Surprisingly, Amazon did not carry the product as it was so new. So I started calling local retailers to see if it was available. Because it was Tuesday, February 11, I didn’t have the ability to purchase online (I wasn’t going to pay for overnight shipping). As for a price, I did a Google Shopping search and found no retailers offering the Force for less than MSRP of $129.99. After calling 5 different retailers in the area, I found these bands were not available in stock anywhere.

So I turned back to the internet and found it was available on Dick’s Sporting Goods’ website. Hmmm, what is a guy to do…pay $20+ for expedited shipping? I’m such a value shopper, that all value would be lost if I paid that much for shipping. I opted for standard (free with $50 order) shipping, printed off the info sheet from the FitBit website, and gave it to her in a card. Fortunately, my wife also gave me a gift on V-Day that hadn’t arrived yet! Lucky me!

As for the price, I would’ve preferred to pay a discount to the MSRP. Usually, Amazon has everything available, and typically at the best price. With 2-day shipping for free, it is my first stop always. But, as occurred during this purchase, I turned to another retailer who was able to deliver the value required. She got the Force on Friday, and loved it just the same.


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