Google Chrome Cast

I got a Google Chrome cast from to evaluate and compare it with my AppleTv. I was debating between and BestBuy to buy that item. Sometimes they had promotional deals at each location. Each one of them had their advantages and disadvantages. Although their price was similar, other factors were restricting me from buying from one or none.

I paid 30 $ to get it through Amazon and got a 2-day free shipping because I had AmazonPrime account. Since I just wanted to evaluate the product and see whether it worth keeping my AppleTV or not, maybe it was better to go through BestBuy and would be easier to return it at no extra cost. However, if after evaluating the product I decided to return it, it would have cost the same for both Amazon and BestBuy. I decided to get it through Amazon because it would be easier for me to receice the item through mail and free shipping.

I would have preferred to have picked it up at the RadioShack on our block instead of going through either Amazon or BestBuy.


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