For work, I occasionally need a picture for our blog and newsletters. I recently signed up for iStock photos to solve this issue. Originally, I was hoping we could develop our own photos, but with limited staff and time constraints, the stock photos are the ideal option. I signed up to be a member online. I can pick a topic, search through hundreds of pictures and find the right fit for the article I am working on. To pay for it, all I need to do is enter my credit – card information. I can also purchase a large amount of credits. The credits can be used to download pictures down the road. I am still assessing how many pictures I purchase to decide if it would be better if I pay for the pictures one at a time or if I should buy the credits. I believe the credits make the cost of the pictures cheaper. Currently, I am content with how the iStock purchase platform works. You can purchase pictures and they are available for download anytime. The overall process is easy to use. Between their expansive picture collection and the process of purchasing the pictures, I really enjoy the customer experience of working with iStock photos.


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