New Discover from Groupon

I bought cosmetics (smudge-proof eyeshadow base NARS) from two weeks ago. Most of my cosmetics were purchased from Sephora or brand’s official websites. This time was because of a coupon I got from a while ago, which allowed me to have $40 merchandise credits for $20 at saks5thave. That was the main motif for me to shop at this particular website.

It turned out to be an even more desirable deal than the discount that came with the coupon. Based on U.S.’s sales taxes regulations, businesses must collect a state’s sales tax only if it has “physical presence” in that state. Due to the fact that saks5thave does not have physical stores in Washington State, I did not pay any sales tax (although I was supposed to, that is another issue which would not be discussed here). This experience encourages me to shop at more because of its price advantage. 

In general, the fact that internet allows customers to compare prices at a high convenient level makes customers wiser in terms of where to spend money on. Before making a purchase decision, I would calculate total price – good’s price, taxes, shipping fee, then order from the cheapest website, which is the result of comparing 3 or 4 different websites rather than attempts to do a exhaustive search which is extremely time-costly.   


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