North Face Resolve Rain Jacket

I recently purchased a North Face Resolve rain jacket for my daughter. This is a relatively straightforward, tried-and-true purchase we make every couple of years when she outgrows the previous one.  It just works, on a number of levels.  It is waterproof, protects well against the wind, always has a color selection that fits her preference, and, perhaps most importantly, is long enough yet slim enough to fit her frame.  I think this is the fourth purchase we’ve made of the same brand and style.

Up until this purchase, we’ve gotten these jackets from REI, which is where we had hoped to go this time as well, both because of loyalty to this store as well as to be able to increase our membership dividend.  Unfortunately, they’re no longer sold there, so we had to figure out an alternative.  We also needed to be in the store to assess the correct size.  After looking online, we decided to go to Sports Authority.  They had limited inventory and had no items in the color of my daughter’s choice in stock.  We ended up ordering it online from Zappos. It shipped in 2-3 days from when we ordered it. In both cases, the retail price was $65.

Our preferred price for this purchase would be in the range of $30-40.  However, based on high satisfaction and loyalty to this brand and style, as well as confirmed knowledge that the $65 price tag is fairly standard unless the item is on promotion or a style is in closeout, we’re comfortable paying outside the range of the preferred price.


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