So I finally broke down and bought a New York Times subscription through their website.   $15 a month.  Actually, “$3.75 a week – less than the cost of two cups of coffee”.  A long time ago I remember thinking “why the hell would I pay for an online subscription for the news when I can get it for free?”  I mean, there’s CNN and NPR.  And then there’s ESPN  and BleacherReport for my football news.  Phys.org for my science articles.   The Onion for my satire.   All free.  So why the change?

The first (and only) newspaper I bought was the Seattle Times when I first moved out to Seattle.  It was a physical paper subscription, delivered every morning.  Every…fricking…morning.  It was a novelty at first.  I was fresh out of college, I had my first real job.  I felt like an adult – like I’d wake up every morning, make some toast and eggs and read the paper over a cup of coffee or orange juice.  Nope.  Never happened.  I’m not a morning person.   I was always (and still am) rushing out the door.  No breakfast, barely enough time to make that coffee. And those unread newspapers being delivered?  Just a stack of papers I had to take to the recycling every other week. I cancelled my subscription after a month.  Besides, there was CNN for free, right?

Well, about CNN.  I think it was a month ago when all hell was breaking loose in Syria, Russia was having issues preparing for the Olympics in Sochi, and some Canadian was getting a DUI.  I think you can guess which story CNN ran on the front page for literally a week straight.   All the motivation I needed.  Naturally, I’d prefer nytimes.com to be free (it limits the number of articles accessible to 10 per month).  But in this case, I’m willing to spend the $15/month (probably more) to not have to deal with CNN.


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