Prime service

Prime membership is a premium shipping membership provided by the Amazon which offers free 2 day shipping to customers as well as highly discounted one day shipping. It costs $79 per year and is especially useful to customers who frequently shop at Amazon. Many retailers have programs which cover free shipping for a price like Sears has a similar program.

At $79, the prices is still high for people who are not buying frequently. Moreover Amazon offers free shipping on certain items esp. electronics and when you are making purchase above a certain price. Considering these reasons I felt that the Prime membership was not worth it and I didn’t buy the membership for few years. However that changed and I recently ended up buying the membership.

I received an Email generated referral link from a friend and using the link I bought it. It had all the information about special discount for students as well as addition to its services.

Amazon bundled many other offerings in the same price. It offered free streaming videos and a free Kindle library to rent books. Besides I acquired a student status being part if UW state which made me eligible for the student discounted pricing of $39. Although if I was aware of these services, I would have bought it even without a discounted prices.

We have been extremely satisfied with the service. It has been useful when something is needed urgently. Besides Amazon already carries a trusted brand name and everything bought from Amazon is very satisfactory


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