Rivet & Sway

Purchasing eye glasses has always been super uncomfortable for me. I go by myself to the local Lenscrafters. Get my eyes examined. Then hunt for the pair of frames that will fit my budget and make me look the least nerdy while the Lenscrafters helper lady follows me around while trying to make it look like she’s not actually following me. Then she looks for the perfect moment to give me her opinion about how the frames I’m trying on look and which frames I should really be trying….. Hate it.

Enter Rivet & Sway. An online glasses boutique. They offer free at home try-ons that really are free. You can interact with a free personal stylist who will offer advice based on your face shape and your facial characteristics. Finally, they offer all-inclusive pricing. “One low price for everything – frames, Rx lenses, coatings and shipping.” And they do it all with style.

Awesome. I went online. Uploaded a picture of myself. Provided a list of things I look for in my glasses and boom, the next day I received a personalized list of recommended eye glasses. From that list I selected 3 pairs to have delivered to my house for an at-home try on. I received my cute little package with easy instructions, found a pair I really loved, went back online to purchase for $199 and found an email in my inbox offering $49.75 off my first purchase as a thank you from Rivet & Sway! Even better!

Easy-peasy, two weeks later I have super cute eye glasses arrive at my door for $162.35. If I hadn’t decided to get Lasik I would be shopping at Rivet & Sway again for sure.


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