One local startup that recently sparked my interest is a company named Nufabrx.  Nufabrx was founded in late 2012 by 22 year old Jordan Schindler and has developed a $29.99 pillowcase that helps reduce facial bacteria.  According to Nufabrx’s website, dirty pillowcases are one of the leading causes of acne.  Nufabrx’s patent pending pillowcase is made of bamboo fibers and time released microcapsules filled with essential oils that naturally help reduce the amount of bacteria buildup on the pillow.  Nufabrx’s pillows are also safe, machine washable, and can last up to 1 year.

According to the latest findings from IBISWorld, total revenue in the acne treatment industry is forecasted to be upwards of $2.6 billion by 2016.  After doing some quick research online, it appears Nufabrx is the only company offering an acne treatment pillow at this time.  If Nufabrx is somehow able to capture the advantages of being the first mover and establish a strong brand, the future could be quite promising for its investors.

Although relatively young for a CEO, Mr. Schindler and his team appear to have the mindset required for developing a successful startup.  Some of his responses during a recent interview with Taylor Soper of confirm this thought.  For example, when asked what the smartest move his company has made so far, Mr. Schindler said it was actually listening to Nufabrx’s advisors and taking their feedback and implementing it into the product.  Needless to say, it was refreshing to read about a founder who is not stuck in his ways and willing to listen and spend the necessary time through multiple iterations in order to develop a quality product.


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