Tellagence offers solutions for customer conversion using behavior analytics

Founders: Matt Hixson (CEO), Nitin Mayande (Chief Scientist)


Social media has grown exponentially over past decade. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+ are just the most popular among thousands of social media networks that are active on the internet today. Businesses and brands are starting to understand the necessity to connect with their current and potential customers on these social networks. Thus arise the need for tools to manage communication through these channels in a focused and strategic way.

Social marketing is not a new concept. There are many vendors that provide solutions in this space but most of these solutions are backward looking. Portland, Oregon based Tellagence is trying to disrupt this existing market with a social marketing intelligence platform that analyzes the behavior of users in your social network and provides actionable insights to the marketing managers.

Tellagence offers two products: Tellagence Discover and Tellagence Community. Tellagence Discover allows marketing managers to locate audience, define content strategy and perform competitive analysis. Tellagence Community allows marketing managers to predict engagement based on strength, context and direction of relationships.

Tellagence targets companies that want to engage their customers in a focused and strategic way. This includes consumer packaged goods companies like Nike and Starbucks, retailers like Walmart, Target and Nordstrom all the way up to entertainment companies like Warner Bros. Tellagence leverages industry relationships to reach its target customer. Both co-founders, Matt Hixson and Nitin Mayande, have strong industry relations working with big brands like Intel. Tellagence has a social media strategy of its own. It uses Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube to connect with the potential customers.

The company has some good wins under its belt and is rightly positioned to leverage these wins. It’s time to put more feet on the ground or finding strategic channel partners to expand company’s customer base.


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