An Angel Investor?

If you were an angel investor, VC or even if there was a chance to invest via a CrowdFunding platform, is there a company you’d put money into?

This is a somewhat odd question for me, personally.  During class discussions, there have been some products that I’ve thought were neat, useful, even some that I might buy if the time was right.  However, nothing in particular that I want to be involved in.  

Expanding from that, what type of product would I invest in? This question too, I don’t know.  I know that if I’m putting money up and investing in a company, it would need to be something more than simply something that I think would be marketable and profitable.  I could only invest money into something that I believe in.  Even then, though, I don’t know that I would put up the money.  I think I have a highly consumer bias when it comes to money.  I would consider investing some money into my own venture, but anything else, I expect to spend the money, an get a product or service in return.  I suppose that I could also see myself investing in a company of someone that I already know, some previous connection with that million dollar idea, someone that I trust to follow through with the product.  

More simply put, I do not know of any startup company that I would be willing to invest money directly into the company.  I would be willing to be a part of the company, potentially invest in stock when the time comes, but my role as an angel investor would be pretty non-existant.


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