An Inside look at Canvas Paint and Sip

M.J. opened Canvas Paint and Sip with her daughter in 2011, as a way to incorporate their passion for art into a family business.  With friends and relatives across the country who were already in the businesses of combining arts and entertainment, M.J. began contemplating this idea before the concept of painting as a night out with friends was well known in the greater Seattle area.  M.J. brought a unique experience to Kirkland, and she just recently opened the first Paint and Sip studio available in Freemont. 


Before the Robinsons established Canvas Paint and Sip, the competitive marketplace consisted of:

  • Fine Art Painting Lessons

Some art studios in the greater Seattle area offer one-time classes for beginning artists, providing entertainment for all ages, and personalized critiques and attention from instructors.  However, these studios did not commonly cater to evening adult entertainment.


  • Other Art Forms, including glass blowing classes, dance classes, etc.

There are companies in the arts industry that offer unique, one-time or once-in-a-while experiences, but these classes can be pricy.  Moreover, not all classes cater to evening adult entertainment.


Canvas Paint and Sip was well received in Kirkland, and other studios have since popped up focusing on the same step-by-step, adult entertainment painting classes. 

Today, Canvas Paint and Sip faces additional competition from

  • Step-by-Step Beginner Painting Classes with Alcoholic Beverage Services

There are currently a handful of companies offering similar painting classes specializing in entertainment.  All of these classes offer simple, easy-to-follow painting instructions, complimentary wine or other alcoholic beverages, as well as private party and group offerings.

M.J. just opened her second studio in Freemont, and is looking to open a third studio in the near future.


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