Crumpet Cashmere

The crowdfunding platform I go to is, investment opportunities via this platform allows angels and investors to invest in equity directly rather than pooling money and making collective decisions with other investors.

Among current investment opportunities on crowdcube, I choose to invest in Crumpet Cashmere. Crumpet is a niche UK fashion brand that produces high end women cashmere clothing. All products are designed by founder Zara Juricic and hand made in Nepal. Crumpet targets on affordable luxury market, and has been worn by high profile celebrities including Emma Watson, Claudia Schieffer, Elle McPherson and Pippa Middleton. The brand has exposed to extensive media coverage, including Vogue, Grazia, Red, and the Times since November 2013, mostly in the UK.

Crumpet has £1m sales in 2010 and 2011 with over £200k profit which shows its profound market potential. Also, due to the help of loyal staff, Crumpet survived the following economic downturn. Now, Crumpet is seeking funding to expand it’s online sales as well as inventory and turnover.

With all the information and my personal interest in this industry, I decide to invest in them (if I were an angel investor).


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