Dwellable, Better than a Speculative Investment

On February 10th, Kirby Winfield of Dwellable joined the Marketing 555 panel.  Kirby and his team are set out to reshape how you book your next vacation rental.  They have found that many travelers look to dream about their next vacation while sitting on the bus, waiting in line, or lying awake in bed.  The problem?  Until Dwellable there were not any well thought out mobile options for searching the vast vacation rental market.  Dwellable has filled that hole with an easy to use, pleasing to the eye mobile experience that lets you quickly browse by geographic location and other common filter preferences such as beachfront, pool access, etc.  The search results are fast and accurate to what the user is hoping to find.

Given the quality of the user experience on Dwellable, the raving reviews from property managers and renters alike, and the clear need they are filling in the market, Dwellable represents an attractive startup worth investing in.  The management team is a group of veterans who has shown a track record of success and ability to match the consumer pain point with a welcome remedy.  My impression of Dwellable is that they are reaching adolescence.  They are ripe to hit a growth spurt into adulthood, or they might get scooped up by a larger competitor who lacks mobile prowess.  Either way, if you can get a ticket on the Dwellable train, it is a ride worth taking.


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