Evergreens Salad in Evergreen state.

Just found out the latest post is also on Evergreens. Some of the credits go to Todd’s talk and his humor!

Evergreens Salad is a brand new venture stared out by Told Fisherman and his best friend in August last year. Two of them lived in New York before they moved to Seattle and decided to give the idea of salad specialty store, a booming business in New York, a spin in Seattle. Evergreens Salad dedicated to use locally grown vegetables, cage free eggs, grass-fed produce, organic fruits, etc. from the northwest area and have recruited a nutritionist and chef to work out the menu with nearly 20 balanced salad bowls and wraps. The average price point is 12 dollars. Evergreens Salad has a store in downtown Seattle and also doing delivery and catering service as well. They are focusing on the white-collars in downtown area as the targeted customer segment and healthy eaters on a broader sense the great Seattle area for delivery service.

I would love to invest in them. Had to admit that the name Evergreens Salad in the Evergreen state draws me in. First there is no direct competitors doing this in the market. Whole Foods and other places’ salad bar through offer a wide range of choices, still miss the element of balance, people like me will load up more the ones that we prefer taste-wise. Prepared salad bowls offered in other cafes lack varieties, and customers are not sure on the freshness and the origin of the ingredients. While Evergreens guarantee fresh and local ingredients on a daily basis. Plus they made their own dressings without any preservatives, artificial colors and use sustainable materials for the packaging. Evergreens may not have a advantageous pricing point, their pursuit of quality will definitely draw in their targeted customers. Their own recipes are made in small batches every morning. Customers can literally taste the quality. It’s easy to sacrifice quality for price for many start-ups to stand out. Evergreens Salad stand up to the belief of responsibility and care for people and can tough through the test of the market, I believe. I would definitely try their product once when I hit downtown sometime and pay for the quick and healthy salad several times a week once I am financially independent.


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