Evergreens Salad

If I were given the money and chance to invest in a venture, I would consider investing in Evergreens Salad, currently with one location on 3rd St. near Columbia.

In the Pacific Northwest, consumers are becoming more aware of what they eat and where food comes from. Some of us tend to choose more organic and local options for fruits, meats, and vegetables. Evergreens Salad sets out to fulfill the need for healthy and convenient salad meals for busy folks like me. Todd Fishman, co-founder and CEO of Evergreens Salad described his venture as “Chipotle and Cold Stone Creamery for salads.” It product is a high quality fast food salads, assembled freshly behind the counter upon order. I have always liked salad as meals but it is very hard to find fresh (and delicious) salads around. My choices are either boxed salad batch-assembled in some factory early in the morning or Red Radish where I can self-assemble my salad meals and screw them up (or get sick of the same taste after a while).

Evergreens Salad’s core values match exactly to my own when I shop for food and drinks: “all natural: no preservatives, colors, or added flavors.” I am OK spending a little more to get better quality food because we are what we eat. In Seattle, where many are health conscious, Evergreens Salad’s product offering is very attractive. I have yet to try it (very soon) but by browsing on their menu online I am sold. My gut feeling tells me that it’s a place I will go back regularly if it has a location close to where I work (U-District).

Todd Fishman came to speak at the ENTRE 540 class this past Thursday and he is very enthusiastic about his work. I look forward to his company’s progress.


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