If I was an angel investor, VC or even if there was a chance to invest via a CrowdFunding platform, I’d love to invest in LocalBlox considering its compliance to current trend, broader market and social impact. “LocalBlox is a technology company that builds high-scalable neighborhood platforms, aggregating more than 27 millions business profiles with rich meta data, millions of active events, crime incidents, neighbor profiles and news from thousands of sources.”

LocalBlox is a social network that allows all visitors to explore the neighborhood near them, empowers its members to share and describe their neighborhoods to others. Whether you are a new comer, or a local resident, LocalBlox will help you to discover the diversity of neighborhoods. On the other hand, small business owners can reach out to their potential customers and grow their businesses by LocalBlox.

  • LocalBlox has chosen a popular existing market: social network. Nowadays, people are more willing to share their daily life, information and opinion, LocalBlox just fulfill people’s need to share.
  • Compared to its competitors, other social networks, LocalBlox is a more comprehensive, more convenience on-stop service. It looks like a combination of Tripadvisor, Evenbrite, Groupon. Just one click on Local Blox, you can get all information about events, promotion, restaurants near by.
  • The information provided on LocalBlox is more authoritative since its resources are leading real estate companies.
  • LocalBlox also niches a new market in the social network: a platform for small businesses to establish and maintain customer relationship. According to a business owner from Seattle WA, LocalBlox helps him increase twice of the sales, it is an affordable, quick, efficient and easy way to market their small businesses.
  • The company has a comprehensive team, including people focus on business analysis and technique. Such team allows them to develop high efficient and customer-satisfied product.
  • LocalBlox also has positive social impact. Based on the labor market investigation from US Census, 70% jobs are created by small businesses. LocalBlox will not only help to develop local small businesses, but also help to generate more jobs.

Thus, LocalBlox not only comply the recent trend of social network, it also niche the market targeting the small businesses owners’ need to market, to reach out to their potential customers.






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