Mixpo – Multiscreen Video Ads


Video ads are some of the highest performing types of ad content out there. Video, over standard or animated display, is the highest growing unit type. ‘Multiscreen’ is also an industry buzz word right now. Everyone wants to deliver content across display, mobile, and television.

Mixpo is a company that specializes in just that. This allows them to focus on video content, video media and video analytics. They also have a UI that allows clients to setup their own content, although in my experience this is usually just a leader for a full-service client.

In an industry where there are a lot of companies doing it all, it’s nice to see a company specialize in something so hot right now. No wonder the company is experiencing good growth. Forbes named them a “One of America’s Most Promising Companies” two years in a row and Delloite named them 27th on their “Technology Fast 500” list.

Based on their site and a few conversations it seems like although they’ve ballooned in the last two years that they’ve been able to retain some of that startup culture while retaining some very talented individuals. Their team is very skilled and their product/site is very well done. They are in that sweet spot right now where they get to operate as a 100+ employee company, but can still be very nimble based on potential client’s needs.

That being said, yes, I would invest in them, but it looks like Madrona Venture Group beat me to it.


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