Actively Learn

More than two-thirds of the students enrolled in grades 4-12 (in the US) have issues with reading comprehension. Studies show that having issues with readings leads to issues in other disciplines including science and math. Actively Learn [1] is a start-up disrupting this problem space with a compelling solution to make reading more engaging and fun.

Actively Learn has developed an ereader platform which can be accessed through a wide variety of devices (including computers, tablets and phones) and allows teachers to assign readings to students and monitor their progress in real time. For students the assigned readings are made engaging by embedding media and questions directly into the reading. Students can also engage in discussions with their peers to further increase the engagement with the content.

I would put money into Actively Learn for a wide variety of reasons. First, I am inspired by their goal of improving the education that children receive. This is a social cause which is very important to me personally and I think that the work Actively Learn is doing is very impressive. In addition to this they have already made several great partnerships with companies in this sector (Pearson among others) and have made great traction with getting their product in schools [2]. Last but not least their team [3] is also very impressive and gives me the confidence (based on their backgrounds and skills) that they will be able to execute on their vision.



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