Atlas: The First Fitness Tracker that Actually Tracks Your Workout

As a person who has actively been using fitness devices to track results for the last 10 or so years I was SUPER excited when I came across Atlas on I’ve owned heart monitors, two versions of the bodybugg and most currently a fitbit. Let me tell you, none of those have anything on Atlas. I have been looking for a device as comprehensive as Atlas forever and now I’ve found it.

Atlas is a worn on the wrist and is waterproof (finally a good device for swimmers)! It tracks your body on the x, y and z axes so it can literally tell what specific exercises you’re doing and provide information on your form. It counts reps, sets and calories burned. While you’re exercising Atlas provides live feedback on the exercises you’re doing. Atlas tracks what muscle groups you’ve been working on and makes suggestions on what you should work on text for maximum effectiveness. It’s like your personal trainer only better – because it can’t yell at you.

The co-founders of Atlas are pretty much brilliant. CEO, Peter Li, has a master’s from Johns Hopkins University with a degree in biomedical engineering. CTO, Mike Kasparian, used to work at Philips Healthcare, where he designed circuitry for defibrillators as a development engineer. The remainder of the Atlas team includes a data scientist, an industrial engineer, a mechanical engineer, a software developer and embeddable technology specialist, and according to their indigogo page, Blu, the company dog (you’re my boy blu!). Smart bunch of guys.

They’ve currently raised $531,686 on a goal of $125,000 and they have 7 days remaining. If I wasn’t so poor from all my student loans I’d totally invest. Right now I could get it and get fit for $169 (product shipping next December) OR, more in my price range, I could invest $1 for an internet high five.

Visit there indiegogo site here:

Visit there company site here:

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