Boomzap Entertainment — These are the games you’re looking for!

To gain a better understanding of the gaming industry and what it takes to launch and successfully run a game development company, I interviewed Christopher Natsuume co-founder of Boomzap Entertainment. Boomzap is a casual game developer that has released over 20 games since its 2005 launch. Their titles include Mystery Case Files, Ravenhearst, Awakening Series, Knightstone Series, and Antique Road Trip Series, many of which are hidden object puzzle adventures (HOPAs). Players love these games because they bring together engaging stories with clever puzzles and unique subgames.

When the company launched in 2005, the casual gaming market was in its infancy. Most people thought gamers were teenage boys, glued to their consoles. However, companies like Big Fish and Boomzap realized that teenage boys weren’t the only people looking to play games on their computers. Older women, a vast majority over 65 years of age, were looking to unwind by solving puzzles in a new way. Boomzap was one of the pioneers in bringing content to this market, and they had a big hand in creating this new market of gamers.

Boomzap and the market they created have changed since they first launched. With the wide adoption of tablets and smartphones, there has been a huge influx of new casual games entering the market. With all the noise, Boomzap is looking at ways to pivot the games they produce in order to serve niche markets more effectively. Their newest release, The Quest, is a new take on turn-based Role Playing Games (RPGs), introducing a collectible card game-style that uses a tile-flipping combat system.

Boomzap is positioned as a casual game company that develops hidden object puzzle adventures with interesting story lines. They reach their target market through a number of channels, including app stores (e.g. Windows , Apple iTunes, and Android), Amazon, and their own website. They also distribute games through their partnership with Big Fish Games.

If you are looking for a fun way to engage your brain while participating in a compelling story, Boomzap Entertainment has the games you’re looking for.


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