Dealflicks is priceline/groupon of movie tickets. The company was found in July 2012 and is currently listed on The site offers club price for movies and snacks. Currently, the team is collecting petitions for the movie theaters throughout United States. Using an already existing concept of offering discounts, the business is growing to get more cinema halls to sign up.  I would invest in this business because the idea has been proven but not used in the movie business.

Their target market is movie watchers who already purchase tickets online or watch movies often. Current  options their team has chosen is to mass reach out to all cinema hall in USA (there are around ~40000 theaters in USA). Their agenda is to collect 1000 petitions (yes for residents) from every cinema hall so that they can get discounts from those cinema halls.

Although the reach is national, it seems to be impossible to collect so  many petitions as 1. it will be time consuming get so many petitions 2. too generic for any cinema hall to be incentivized to sign up for coupons. Instead they should be narrowing their marketing to just few high density cities and then increase their reach in long term. They should be reaching out to few cinema halls at the same time offer them some incentives (which they are not) to these theaters instead of just relying on the signups from individuals. This will help them expand their network.


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