Entrepreneur Interview

For my interview, I spoke with Jacob Colker. Jacob is the co-founder of Impact Hub Seattle. Impact Hub is a collaborative workspace. There are currently 250 workstations in the co-working space. The space helps bring professionals together. Members usually have a focus on social impact. However, the space is not limited to those only working for social impact. Professionals in other industries, such as tech, are also welcome to work and participate at the Hub.

In some respects, Impact Hub can be seen as both disrupting and creating a new market. It is disrupting the market by taking customers from places like coffee shops. People who work from a coffee shop may choose to work in a shared workspace because a shared workspace can offer more convenience than a coffee shop.  However, between disrupting the market or creating a new market, Impact Hub is creating a new market. Impact Hub provides a workspace for those who work from home or telecommute. People are switching from their home office to the shared workspace.

Prior to the launch of Impact Hub, a proto-type was created to get a feel for the market. The founders used previous connections to gain members. Over time though, Impact Hub was able to increase their members through word- of- mouth. Impact Hub is able to attract members because they are a strong supporter of local business. The Seattle space is part of a global Impact Hub based out of Austria. There are over forty -five Impact Hubs, and twenty new spaces are being planned to open. Impact Hubs can be found on six continents and has 7000 members globally.


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