EveryMove Page

EveryMove, led by entrepreneurs Marcelo Calbucci and Russell Benaroya, is a Seattle startup company that is partnering with insurance companies, employers, and brands to reward people for doing physical activities such as going to the gym, hiking, running, biking or gardening.  Currently, rewards include merchandise and gift cards from local merchants such as Nakewines.com and yoursole.com.  In the future, health plans may start to reward consumers who engage in physical activities that have a positive outcome in their long-term health. The company has partnered with investors include Penera Blue Cross, Blue Cross, Blue Shield of Nebraska, BlueCross BlueShield Venture Partners, Founders Co-op, Summit Capital, Jonathan Sposato, Voyager Capital Partner Geoff Entress, Matt Shobe, William Lohse, BuddyTV Co-founder Andy Liu, Ken Kuntz, and others to raise $6.12M to build an interactive web and mobile platform.  Key funding milestones include:

  • $18K in seed funding 8/1/2011
  • $2.6M in Series A funding 5/9/2012
  • $3.5M in Series A funding 4/1/2013

The company has a great website and when I joined their program, I received an email from Russell Benaroya, Co-founder & CEO welcoming and encouraging me to make every healthy move count.  Since being founded in March 2011, the company has a strong leadership team:

  • Russell Benaroya, Co-founder and CEO
    • Has an MBA from UCLA Anderson
    • Built and sold a healthcare services company providing sleep medicine services
    • Previously ran corporate development for GoTo.com
  • Marcelo Calbucci, Co-founder and CTO
    • Founder and publisher of Seattle 2.0 (sold to GeekWire in Nov/11)
    • Development Manager at Microsoft’s MSN Search division (now Bing)
  • Board of Directors
    • Andy Liu – BuddyTV
    • Anna Haghgooie – Sandbox Industries
    • Kent Marquardt – Premera Blue Cross

The market space EveryMove operates in is Heath/Fitness and it seems that the leadership is dynamic and passionate about helping people reward themselves for the little things like gardening and hiking with friends. If I had money to invest, this would be a great company to support because I think their product is easy and fun to use.  Most importantly, I was impressed by their simple welcoming email by the company’s co-founder and CEO.







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