eyeSight Mobile Technologies

I am interested in investing in a startup called eyeSight Mobile Technologies, an Israeli based private company that focuses on digital interaction. eyeSight is a privately held company backed by angel investors, as well as investments by CEVA and Mitsui & Co. Global Investment Ltd. The team has brilliant people, Gideon Shmuel, CEO, has extensive experience in the Telecom and Enterprise Software markets. Italy Katz, Founder and CTO, who worked at Motorola Semiconductors (Freescale) where he oversaw a broad range of high level projects and his role also included architecture research and design.

eyeSight is revolutionizing the way people interact with devices through gesture recognition. The technology showcases a robust gesture recognition using a standard 2D camera, and is further compatible with 3D stereoscopic sensors, and IR illumination. The solution is offered to consumer devices such as TVs, PCs, Mobile Phone and Tablets and in-car applications. I think this is a cool technology that will change the way people interact with devices. It can track hand gestures, finger movements and facial movements. It is a more natural way of interaction for humans and has the potential to create innovative solutions for consumers. What I like about their solution is that it enable a touch free technology that can be easily integrated into various levels of the digital device, providing consumers with a whole new user experience. They recently released a touch free app for reading pdfs and partnered with Lumus, for creating smart glasses like product with gesture recognition. I think this is the next generation cool feature that makes lives better and more comfortable and we can expect to use all of our digital devices in a more natural way.


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