I had an opportunity to talk to Darren Austin, the VP of products at provides a platform for users to share their location with friends map technology. They also have phone apps that consumers can download and share their location and map with friends via a Web-based technology. The third aspect is to their business is to make the platform licenses available to the app developers world who can use this platform and embed it to their own applications/sites etc.

The major business front is automotive industry in B to B space where they have foremost success, at the same time IPhone and Android App in B to C space. They provide support by having customer service available to handle the issues and some free support for the app developers who want to use the platform but cannot afford to pay for a larger user base (>300,000 users). Other markets they are going after are messaging space (Verizon, partnership with BBM) and fleet management.

Long term goal of the company is to become verb and noun of location as a service. Market they are going after is not really a new market (e.g. friends calling, messaging their friends to tell location and time they will take to reach that location which is cumbersome) but just a new technology replacement, a way simplify what consumers already did therefore it is a disrupting market.

With respect to channels being used to market, they use 2 methodologies. In B to B space, they directly reach out to the customers such as Mercedes, Ford, Mini and BMW. In B to C space where they have phone apps, they use customer support to collect customer feedback and support application issues.

Although, their presence in news/blogging space, twitter and Facebook is less apparent, they have been successful in having several stories on geekwire. Being a smaller and a growing company, their current major focus to increase the customer base as quickly as possible specially B to B customers and identify what other verticals similar to automotive industry  they can use the same idea in (e.g. Food delivery, flower delivery, etc.).


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