Haiku Deck – Simple, Beautiful, and Fun Presentation Decks

Creating an effective presentation deck is a refined skill. Sure enough, we know not to inundate the audience with too much text, though too little text doesn’t leave much in the form of a takeaway deck (or if the deck is sent electronically). Provide too much in the form of visuals and the audience can find it distracting, yet decks are often dinged for being too boring. Presentation decks seem to find themselves held to a similar model as Goldilocks and the three bears, and any presenters are tasked with finding the deck that is “just right.”

The golden standard has been Microsoft’s PowerPoint. The growth of web-based decks has provided a number of options and has created somewhat of a counter-culture approach as if to say, “I want to do something different.” One that has caught my eye is Haiku Deck.

The folks at Haiku Deck seem to have a simple enough question, “Why is it so difficult to create an awesome presentation?” Well, “awesome” is a tad ambiguous, but Haiku Deck has a number of features that make things easier. First, any presentation deck works because it adds value to the presenter(s) without distracting. Haiku Deck accomplishes that feat by simplifying the design component of deck development. Anyone can build a visually stunning deck very quickly, even on a tablet.  Second, just having a file with your deck is practical, but limiting. Haiku Deck also simplifies the sharing process, by allowing your deck to be embedded on the Internet, and shared/viewed on web-enabled devices much more easily. All said, Haiku Deck takes the deck-building process and makes it easy, fun, and functional.

The fact that Haiku Deck also creates content for its blog is another feature from our class that stood out. They provide tips and keys to create effective decks and presentations, as well as some positive press about their product. I really loved that they have created a way to position themselves as the authority on web-enabled presentation decks.

Haiku Deck has created a fun and functional product that is easy to use and appeals to nearly every single person that needs to present, which makes them a company to watch, and in which to invest. Their customer base is huge and their offering is different enough from PowerPoint to appeal to both the traditional deck loyalists and folks looking for a new look and a new way to breath life into presentations.



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