LiquidPlanner: Investing in an Easier Way to Manage Projects

During class, as we were discussing value propositions, one slide came up that highlighted a company called LiquidPlanner ( The website screenshot outlined what made them different: their belief that “…project management should be simple and effective”. I hadn’t heard of LiquidPlanner prior but as I researched the company, I decided it was a concept I could get behind.

Along with looking for ways to better manage my team’s projects at work and I’m also taking a PM course at UW this quarter. Many of our assignments involve a simulation in MS Project, which unfortunately I have not found to be very intuitive. LiquidPlanner’s target market seems to be people like me: those who don’t have the time to learn MS Project and are looking for a collaborative, real-time PM system to support an agile team.

The product is built on the philosophy that team effectiveness depends on how well priorities can be set and communicated. To support this, LiquidPlanner has many communication features, including the ability to comment on tasks, attach documents, and balance workloads. Scheduling is based on project priority and updated automatically when those priorities shift.

LiquidPlanner was co-founded by Charles Seybold and Jason Carlson and they quickly brought on Liz Pearce to add marketing expertise to their software design and development skills. From an investor viewpoint, I could appreciate that the co-founders understood what they needed to build a company and not just a product, and built a cohesive yet dynamic team to accomplish this.


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