Map R

MapR Market:

If I were an Angel investor or a VC, I would probably invest in MapR. MapR is a start-up head-quartered in the Silicon Valley area. They are involved in Hadoop Big data analytics. Big Data Analytics is a $12.2Billion business. It has a variety of market segments including Large Enterprises like Starbucks, Social media companies like Twitter and even in analyzing real time traffic (like Inrix).


MapR’s product itself is very intuitive and they offer a solution based approach as opposed to selling their product. They do Hadoop Data analytics; and offer real time reports on consumer behavior and market trends. This is a huge value proposition for its customers. They also form partnerships with some big players in the market to deliver an optimized solution. Their partners include Cisco, HP, Amazon Web Services and so on. I think this is also a barrier to entry for any new player in this market.

MapR has a very diverse team. The senior leadership team includes people with different backgrounds. These are people who have some experience in the start-up world and entrepreneurship. For me, the most interesting part about this team is the variety of experience they bring to the table as a team.

They have constantly pivoted the solutions they offer and added more services to their product line; however always staying focused with their vision statement that revolves around Hadoop’s importance.


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