Mobisante delivers point-of-care ultrasound technology and this UW spin-off gained early status as the first mobile health solution to have cleared the FDA. They have delivered 100% revenue growth over the past 18 months and recently closed a $4.2 million Series A round led by the Washington Research Foundation.  Mobisante released a clinical-grade tablet this fall with complete diagnostic range and this product has shown promising early sales. 

Mobisante is a great example of healthcare tools that are improving efficiency and patient outcomes, and thereby becoming the standard of care.  A major proof point for this statement is that the technology is now widely reimbursed.  The technology has recently shown equivalence between established peer-reviewed studies and Mobisante devices. From an operational standout, if an existing 900 bed facility with a 45 minute wait time for ultrasound diagnostics were to implement use of 240 point-of-care devices, the facility could reduce wait time to 10 minutes and reduce labor cost savings by $1 million dollars in year one.  As healthcare systems increasingly look to improve workflow and gain cost savings from operational efficiency, this is a technology that can make a significant impact.  


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