Paymentwall® is a digital payments platform that allows web developers to integrate payment widget into their system. They provide several payment options and service in 25+ languages. The Paymentwall currently have 5 offices around the worold in San Francisco, Berlin, Istanbul, Kiev and Manila.


Honor Gunday, CEO and founder of Paymentwall.


Honor, fluent in 7 languages and Stanford graduate, is a serial entrepreneur who started and co-founded multiple startups in Silicon Valley such as (video advertising), MiNeeds (services marketplace), (office space search engine) and (a successful Turkish social network). When at Zurna, Honor and his team developed an online payment system for their users that is the basis for their current company.


One the interesting things on their webpage is that they have a real-time live transaction application that shows how much money and from which country has been transferred at the moment using Moneywall system. Their service is free to set up and there is no monthly minimum fee. They collect royalty on payments though. Another interesting thing is that they own 100% of their company and they have not raised any money from any venture and angel investment firms. The team has a successful track record in the payment market and show a great potential to be scaled and integrated into major social networking sites.


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