After exploring a few options, one start-up that stood out to me is Skillshare. Skillshare is an online platform to learn different skill sets. For example, you can study marketing. From there you can take more specialized classes such as branding. Skillshare offers classes in logo design, illustration and lettering, label design, and branding culture. Skillshare’s range covers business classes to cooking classes. You can sign up and pay $9.95 a month for a membership and have access to select classes, 20% off the non-free classes. If you do not want the free option, you can pay for individual classes based on your needs.

I am drawn to this specific company because I think as technology develops and changes, having access to a platform that can easily teach and guide you is essential. The website alone is easy to understand, and has membership options. Skillshare also gives teachers the ability to reach students and teach their skill sets. There is a how-to tutorial for teachers for them to create their class video. Teachers can reach a wide range of students and also have a chance to make an income.

Skillshare markets to those who want to take classes and are comfortable learning through an online platform. Skillshare also markets to those who most likely already have a job or some full- time commitment. The classes are for those who need flexibility, and can choose when they want to take their classes.

The Skillshare team seem to be a group of young professionals who are passionate about creating a space for people to learn at any age.


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