The startup I would support is SNUPI and based here in Seattle.  They create sensors for the home that can alert homeowners to dangers caused by water, smoke, heat, mold, humidity, and methane.  The technology revolution has largely passed houses by, and I think someday our homes’ systems will be integrated and remotely controllable.  SNUPI is taking a step in that direction.  I think starting with preventing hazards in the home is a logical first step, as thousands of deaths are caused each year by smoke and carbon monoxide poisoning alone (I had a close call with CO as a teenager due to a painted-over dryer exhaust outlet).  SNUPI seeks to place up to six sensors in the home and push alerts to homeowners via text or cell messages.  It’s unclear who SNUPI will target as first customers, but the potential is huge.  Obvious applications are baby rooms and elderly homeowners. 


SNUPI is a spin-out from UW’s Center for Commercialization, and the CEO is Jeremy Jaech, a UW alum and member of the Board of Regents.  He holds a master’s in computer science, along with the company’s other founders who are also UW PhDs.  It’s clear they have the technical knowledge necessary, and I’m confident that Jaech also possesses the connections and savvy to get SNUPI off the ground.  Additionally, they just secured series A funding of $7.5M from Madrona. Image


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