Sportingwell is a sports news aggregator that uses advanced machine learning to make it easy and fast to follow the sports and teams you are interested in. The ease of use and automation appeals to customers as well as the breadth of the information produced. Sportingwell delivers a daily, personalized email based on your team and league preferences to bring all of your sports news to one place. There is an underserved market of sports fans in the United States who value non-mainstream sports. For fans of these sports, it takes a lot of time and energy to find meaningful coverage. Sportingwell removes this agony by searching all sources of media (mainstream news sites, TV, radio, bloggers, social media) for updated news on all sports, no matter how obscure a user’s interests may be. Other news aggregators like RSS or Twitter require manual sourcing and tuning. Sportingwell removes the pain of following your favorite team or league by automating this process and it even learns from your preferences to deliver the news that interests users the most.

Sportingwell customers are typically males in their mid to late 30’s who have traditionally turned to mainstream sports media providers such as ESPN to follow their teams or leagues. Many customers’ sports interests are underserved if they want to follow more than the traditional sports or teams covered by the local sports media. These fans are at a stage in their sports lifecycle where they still want to be sufficiently informed so they can have conversations with their friends and colleagues, but can no longer afford to expend an exorbitant amount of time and effort to obtain meaningful news and insights. Sportingwell is disrupting an established market by meeting the needs of these underserved sports fans that simply cannot afford to ignore their family and work obligations so they can maintain their fandom. The mainstream media does not properly meet the needs of these customers and sourcing tools take too much time to properly tune. Sportingwell removes these barriers to being a fan because it is fan specific. No other company can match Sportingwell’s ability to bring meaningful, timely sports news that is customized through user preferences right to a fan’s inbox every morning.

Sportingwell is built on a web platform that also offers users mobile capabilities with iOS and Windows Phone Apps. This allows fans to access their content, anywhere. Currently, Sportingwell is focused on increasing awareness to attract new users. To accomplish this, Sportingwell has relied on effective search engine optimization strategies. As a startup, the next challenge will be for Sportingwell to continue to grow by attracting new, repeat users who can help increase the adoption rates of others. Sports fans are very passionate, and if the number of users can steadily grow, Sportingwell will likely benefit from word-of-mouth recommendations from fans who love the ability to effortlessly get their sports news daily.

Sportingwell is an innovative new product that truly does not have a competitive peer in an established market. Once user awareness increases, Sportingwell may quickly transition from a startup to an integral part of every sports fan’s day.

To learn more about Sportingwell, please visit and setup an account to experience this powerful tool.


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