SwimZip is the UPF 50+ clothing brand people trust to keep themselves and their children sun safe.  They feature a signature full zipper down the front of their rash guard shirts – making them very easy to put on and take off.  Their swimsuits, swimwear, bathing suits and accessories are made with high quality materials to unmatched standards.  SwimZip styles are one-of-a-kind, and include a number of innovative design features.

The company was founded several years ago in Kansas by Betsy Johnson, a former Boeing employee. As a mom and skin cancer survivor herself, SwimZip is a passion – and a successful one at that. Her products have featured on the Today show, ABC’s shark tank and in several lifestyle magazines.

Betsy says they are creating a new market: “Sun protective swimwear is out there, but we add a fashionable flair and a zipper to make ours sun protective swimsuits functional and affordable”. Their users are children from newborn up to the age of 9, and their customers are sun safety conscious parents – which should be all parents.

In addition to selling a valuable and stylish safety product, the company is attempting to educate parents and caregivers on sun protection. SwimZip sun protective swimwear is entering a market that is growing extremely fast, and they are positioned to capture a huge piece of the pie. They reach their customers through marketing, internet advertising, and connecting with them through social media. Sun protection is a new market, so they set aside some budget to educate on sun protection so parents know that SwimZip sun protective rash guards, sun suits, and UPF swimsuits exist.

They keep in touch with their customers via email newsletters monthly, facebook posts daily or every other day, and fun giveaways. They also feature kids on our blog, facebook, website. Betsy says people love to see their kids on these websites.

SwimZip’s are a must have for young kids exposed to the sun. They can be purchased online at swimzip.com and in small retailers.


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