SysSharp ( is a WA-based IT consulting company. It was established in 2007 by a former Microsoft employee. The company provides IT services, including software development, software consulting and software project management, to technique giants, like Microsoft.
IT consultant is an existing and fast-growing market. SysSharp positions itself as specialized and high efficient local consulting company. It builds close relations with local software giants, like Microsoft, by providing human resources expertized on Microsoft products and technologies. As a local company, SysSharp is flexible on the length and size of projects it manages. And thanks to the low overhead cost, the company offers a competitive prices for its service. Moreover, by partnering with some large consultant companies, like BeyondSoft, in China, SysSharp provides offshore solutions for it customers.
Market Channels
SysSharp reaches its customers through three major channels: Network with existing customers, local job agencies and advertisements. The first channel is also the most efficient one. By contacting network built through former and current projects, SysSharp gets the latest position opening information. And based on previous projects, SysSharp can find resource matching the requirements of new openings. The second channel is through local job agencies which have wide connections with local companies. This channel is important to reach new customers. The third one is query public hiring advertisement on potential customers’ websites or hiring websites, like The success rate is low for this channel and the process may take longer time. But for resources with special or rare skill sets, the third channel can, sometimes, provide better opportunities.


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