Company to invest

If I would have a change to invest in a company, I’d invest the one I interviewed last week, Lively. Lively is founded one year ago, their products are high quality music video shows, which are recorded in their company or collected from venues/artists.

Lively is a little bit like YouTube, but their market are more specific, they target at those who want high quality music live shows, which are delivered by artists/bands who are not super stars, but still popular among a specific group of people.

As the first mover, Lively has a big market, their download volume has achieved 20,000, and the app rates 4.5/5 on iTunes app store. Till now they have one copycat in UK, doing similar things. I consider UK as a different market, and in United States Lively is the only company doing this.

Now Lively is having a second round investing, and I believe it has a good prospect. Entering now is worth doing, I’d like to invest 2M if I have those money.


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