Drync is designed to bridge “the gap between wine experience and purchase.” It positions itself to solve the conundrum of not only remembering the wine you enjoyed, but also facilitating purchase and delivery. It lets the user snap a photo of the label, and the app will scan the information. This is then tracked, they can share it on social media platforms, and instantly buy it. The user can also learn about the wine, and there are plans to expand the app to recommend future wines based on the user’s palate and social activity.
Their database currently includes 2 million wines, 3 million images, 1 million user ratings, and 30,000 wines for sale. Sales in Q4 2013 were $320k, with 66% growth in December. They have been featured on the Today Show, the TBS sitcom “Cougartown”, Food & Wine Magazine, and are the #4 Food & Drink app on the Apple Appstore. Currently, their core team consists of two techies and one marketing person. The tech guys have experience at Apple and other software firms, which tends to be the problem with food and wine software ideas. They tend to be very flashy on the outside, but lack real functionality. This tech competent core should help alleviate that. The marketing person has experience from Pernod Ricard, the world’s third largest spirits supplier. Being in the industry from a distribution and supply angle myself, this is also integral to a functioning and successful food and wine company. If I had excess cash, I would definitely invest in this app.


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